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Put Your Advertising Where The Action Is!

Palm Beach Ice Works now offers companies, businesses and organizations the opportunity to advertise hockey teams, dasher boards, scoreboards and the rink’s ice re‐surfacer’s. These advertising vehicles offer high visibility and great exposure to the approximately 50,000 visitors each year. Colorful and close to the action, your customized logo can be an excellent and affordable way to promote a variety of products and services! Space is limited, so only a select number of advertisers will enjoy the impact of their message‐morning, noon and night!

What makes advertising at Palm Beach Ice Works a good marketing tool?

  • Over 1,500 hockey practices/games are held at the rink each year, bringing in players, parents, families, friends and hockey/ skating enthusiast each hour
  • Numerous youth and adult hockey tournaments and two ice skating recitals each year, often bring in well over 500 + local and outlying community spectators to each venue
  • Low Cost advertising for a long‐term effect with 6 month and one‐year contracts available
  • Your advertising dollars are at work every day for 6 or 12 months out of each year
  • Palm Beach Ice Works offers a captive audience with a wide array of target markets

Why is advertising at Palm Beach Ice Works preferable over other forms of advertising?

  • Your potential customers are captive, they cannot turn the page, fast‐forward, or throw away your message
  • The advertisement is reinforced thousands of times on your selected demographic each time they enter the building
  • Typical patrons are in the Ice Arena for and hour or more each visit, multiple time per week
  • Arena patrons range from 2‐82 years old, all levels of education and careers, single to large families, and many more target markets specific to your needs
  • Your advertisement shows a sense of commitment to the community and its families

Who benefits from Advertising at Palm Beach Ice Works?

  • The Advertiser: your message is witnessed by thousands
  • Youth: Advertising revenue helps Palm Beach Ice Works keep ice rental rates reasonably priced so all our youth have the opportunity to participate in hockey and skating
  • Community: Other programs such as skating, events, spectator workout facilities, and birthday parties make the ice arena facility designed for the entire community

Individual and Team Sponsorship

Palm Beach Ice Works (PBIW) offers several sponsorship opportunities for 2015‐2016.

PBIW provides youth hockey and skating opportunities to hundreds of children throughout the Palm Beaches. By becoming a PBIW sponsor, you will reach the families of our skaters in a way that can benefit both the children and your business.

Sponsorships run for one season beginning at the term of agreement. Details of the hockey sponsorship program are as follows:

Team Sponsorship ‐ $751 – $1000

Each year, Palm Beach Ice Works fields teams made up of boys, girls and adults ranging in age from 8 to 16. Teams include Mite, Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, Midget. These teams compete throughout Southeast Florida and many will attend tournaments throughout the state. Team sponsorship provides the opportunity for your company to get involved in promoting the interests of an individual team and funds will be used to subsidize direct team‐related expenses. Your company name will be included on practice jerseys and prominently displayed on the Palm Beach Ice Works website, www.pbiw.org. A logo will be included in the programs sold at the rink on game day. A plaque will be presented to proudly display your support for youth and/or adult hockey in our community.

Booster - $501 - $750

Your company’s name and logo will be listed on the PBIW website with a direct link to your company’s website. A logo will be included in the programs sold at the rink on game day. A plaque will be presented to proudly display your support for youth and/or adult hockey in our community.

Benefactor - $250 - $500

Your name and company’s logo will be prominently displayed on the PBIW website, www.pbiw.org, with a direct link to your company’s website. A plaque will be presented to proudly display your support for youth and/or adult hockey in our community.

Individual Player Assistance - $ Your Choice

This sponsorship allows you to determine your own amount and to directly assist the player who requires financial assistance to participate in the Hockey Program at Palm Beach Ice Works. A certificate will be presented to proudly display your support for youth hockey in our community.

Team Sponsorship - $1,000 - $4,000

Palm Beach Ice Works hosts adult leagues several nights of the week. This sponsorship allows you to put a team on the ice in one of our different divisions. Or you can assemble a team of your own to represent your company! Your logo will be displayed on the game jerseys. A plaque will be presented to proudly display your support.

Dasher Boards

Dasher Board advertisements tend to be the most popular form of advertising in the Ice Arena Industry today. These ads surround the surface of the rink and provide the most visible and lengthy exposure to p g y p arena patrons. The ads are strategically positioned at the ice level across from the spectator seating area.

Use what the teams in the NHL use ‐ Palm Beach Ice Works has an exclusive relationship with AMI Graphics, manufacturers of DashMax, official graphic supplier for the NHL and the only guaranteed dasher graphic in the sport.

Palm Beach Ice Works will handle installation of the sign. We can help you with your dasher design.

6 Months 12 Months
Each Dasher Board ‐ 3’ X 8’ $1,000 $1,600
Scooter Sign N/A $100
Scoreboard Sign - (East) 5 X 5 $3,000 $6,000
Scoreboard Sign ‐ (West) 3 x 3 $2,500 $5,000
ICE RESURFACERS (2 at Palm Beach Ice Works)
Ice Resurfacer Logo/Graphic $5,000 $7,500
Full Wrap of Ice Resurfacer $7,500 $10,000

*Other advertising vehicles, i.e penalty box, penalty box seating, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. available

For more information, please contact:

Martine de la Torre
  (561) 656-4046 x214

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